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#648: How Install The Updated IOS 6.0.1iphone Actualidad.com
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 As already mentioned, Apple has recently launched the updated iOS 6,
 because now you can install the iOS 6.0.1, which corrected a number of
 errors that had the previous version, but ... how can update your phone
 (iPhone 5 or other models) version 6 to 6.0.1?
 As this process it can be done in two ways; one through iTunes and the
 other OTA (Over The Air), with both forms can achieve the same result, ie
 both can update your Smartphone to the latest version of Apple.

 Updated iOS 6.0.1 Update via iTunes
 It should be noted that it was the only way was to update an iPad, iPhone
 and iPod until iOS 5 came, it is a completely safe method, because if it
 were to be a problem during the installation of the updated iOS, perform a
 clean installation and start again from scratch, these are the steps you
 must follow to successfully update your phone through iTunes:
 [http://jailbreak5s5c.com/ jailbreak iphone 5s]
 1 -. Connects the terminal corresponding to the computer via the USB port
 . 2 - Once the device is identified and the same version of software, it
 checks if it is in sync with the iTunes library.
 . 3 - Thus, the program then contact the update server and realize that if
 there is one (in this case version 6.0.1), you'll need to confirm if you
 want to attempt to install it, as the update will not install without the
 user's consent before that asks if you want this process to take place. So
 when that question is confirmed the corresponding file is downloaded, it
 will weigh about 700 MB, then the update through iTunes download the
 operating system completely, which will take a little time.
 Aware that the update through iTunes was too long, but necessary to
 maintain it if there are problems with a terminal, Apple launched iOS 5
 updates known as Delta (or as is commonly known, via OTA). Update via OTA
 This was launched with iOS 5 and was called updates Delta but called OTA,
 and there was aware that the process for upgrading through iTunes was too
 long, is that with this new method and not the entire operating system is
 downloaded but routines only code that has been modified and you wonder
 why there is still the method of updating iTunes?, For Apple considered
 keeping it as it came at some point to have problems with a terminal,
 since the process is OTA incremental, ie updating in this way will not
 miss a data on your phone, but the downside is that it can fail.
 In this way, so I explained before you will know that the time it takes
 you to install via OTA is much lower than with the previous method, but
 can fail, so you can choose how to do it. The steps to install the update
 . 1 - If you have the iPhone 5 you have previously downloaded a package
 called iOS Updater, so you can update as it solves a bug that prevents
 such updates can not be made, would solve this error.
 . 2 - Go to "Settings", "General", "Software Updates", "Download and
 Install" and finally accepts the terms and conditions
 . 3 - Thus the file is downloaded, once this is done you will be asked to
 reboot the device and install the new version and after installing some
 checking is performed.
 If you have installed update Jailbreak not recommended until further
 notice. Incoming search terms:
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