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#649: 642 813 exams The next six our section
        Reporter:  manjammehta  |      Owner:  olly
            Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
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        Severity:  normal       |   Keywords:  642-813
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Operating System:  All          |
 We need to configure the router tour to have what's known as on our essay
 he or sense the unequipped an encryption key they cause for the web
 interface at the application level and we'll see that once we turned the
 web server process on up the router it’s automatically going to generate
 this r/c key and there's a couple other uses weregonna happen this we'll
 see shortly so next thing I do is to go to writer for and that's just look
 at the show I interfaces break where right now it's it’s configured with
 this address 192 that 168 that zeroed out for there's with Ian no other
 configuration on the interface level if we look at the full output are
 showroom pretty much the only thing that I changed so far is that we have
 the other host name in the router configured to set hostname is rather for
 all this other stuff here is going to be default then at the interface
 level we have the address or layer 3 addressing and we don't have any
 routing protocols configured so there's no static routing there's no
 dynamic routing it basically means that rather 4 within only be able to
 reach any IP devices that are in its own subnet because when we look at
 the source address the source address that we have in then we look at how
 what is the destination were trying to reach would rather force going to
 do is take its address in run that binary and with the subnet mask based
 on this [http://642-813dump.com/ 642-813] a thinker's out I'm on their
 subnet 192 168 0.00% if the destination is on the same network and then I
 can send the address resolution protocol requests for the areProQuest if
 I'm on a different subnet I can't do that because I need to use routing in
 order to reach them so let's do a basic knocking test now toot look at the
 layer 3 reach ability if I were now able to ping192 168 0 100 this would
 mean that my basic layer 3configuration is cracked like the IP address
 thing and that there's nothing wrong you know where one or layer 2 but
 based on the fact that I cannot ping the windows house who is supposed to
 be in the same network means now I need to look at some other more details
 at either layer to configuration or layer 1 like the physical cabling so
 the next thing.

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