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#651: 646-206 cisco exams Different feeling
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 We can to find more than one billion on a switch here we have to feel and
 feeling one into which operate independently on a single switch platform
 we can also have more than one is finale can create one as FEA on Beale
 and one IP address 192 to 1681.1 and another is fiat on Beale into at192
 to 168 2.1 if we enable IP routing on switch the switch can begin routing
 traffic between IP subnets located on its feelings here this which can
 route packets between 190 to 200 68 don't want a zero and 192 168 two to 0
 so the devices on the two feelings can begin to communicate this is known
 as interval and routing which can also be called layer 3 switching after
 all this is a switch we can also use a physical switch interface for layer
 3 [http://646-206dump.com/ 646-206] operation for example interface gig 10
 might be assigned IP address when any 2.1 68 at fifty that one with the
 subnet mask of 255 252 to which feel ensure this in fishbowl up well when
 a physical interface takes on an IP address you can belong to any real and
 instead it can only interact with other appetizers that layer 3 that means
 we can usually find another single IP device at the far end at the
 interface rather than to hold the land for devices let’s bring up an SBIR
 to on switch C-one to do that we need to create interface given an IP
 address the interface name always begins with the word violin Indians with
 a few in number before wean create espuma feel am starting existence which
 configuration here when it created as Fiona Fail into with.

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