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#664: spy mobile phone apps
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 How to tell if someone spy me through my phone? These days, there seems to
 be a limit to what a mobile phone can do. Besides making calls, send and
 receive text and picture taking, people use cell phones to store phone
 numbers and addresses, check your email, surf the Internet, schedule
 appointments, take notes and even read important documents.

 While these features have transformed the cell phone into a practical
 tool, easy access to manage their lives, but also make it a powerful tool
 that outsiders can use to spy on you and steal personal information. While
 it is not always clear whether the spyware is present, there are some red
 flags you can look for to determine if their privacy could be compromised.

 Leave your cell phone where others can access it could give someone the
 opportunity to install spyware. Since it can not be installed remotely,
 the biggest challenge for someone to install the mobile spy software is
 taking possession of a phone enough time to do it. So if you suspect that
 spyware is installed on the phone, the first thing to do is to determine
 if someone has had the opportunity to do so.

 He recently lent one phone? He left in someone's home or in someone's car?
 Do you often leave your phone on your desk when you are in a meeting or at
 lunch? While a "yes" answer to any of these questions can not be proof of
 being spied upon, it can certainly be a reason to consider the issue.

 Although many applications claim to be spyware undetectable, there is an
 action of revealing cell phone most have not been able to find your way
 around: automatic lighting in use.

 To help you better see the keyboard, cell phones are turned on
 automatically when they detect any activity - including the transmission
 of data sent by an [http://fyishare.com/how-to-easily-spy-on-a-mobile-
 phone-with-success spy mobile phone] application of spyware. So if you
 notice your phone light up when you are not using or receiving a text
 message, which may indicate the data is sent to the person who installed
 spyware on it. Also, if the phone takes longer to turn what was once, that
 could indicate a hidden app is running.

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