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#659: muscle and fitness sss
        Reporter:  JohnCBishop  |      Owner:  olly
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 without the unhealthy fat and without the sugar that really it's all much
 love a problem and everybody’s bitch Peasant bright right now I'm so we
 get away for box the right light to three people who coming watch a show
 live participate in chat we can see your comments right there houses right
 like yeah I'm pleased that we got my check so rather up so I we get there
 we give broad 283people who are participating in the chat live it up thank
 you gift and yeah that's the way they say thank you and we appreciate you
 showing up way it is thank you again for joining us today and you know as
 much as I would love to pick you these are all on a big baling they're
 picked out so there’s three random names the hopefully I'll call your name
 I'm again thank you so much for joining us she'll get a month supply two
 boxes the ballot to back the chocolate love them already who are three
 winners drum roll RDR first winner is sunset soon congratulations say oh
 I'm guessing that's your name I’m you’ll be getting this nah couple days
 and when a number two Jaime G 380congratulate baby and our third winner is
 ha-ha 619what a cute name I thank you so much for joining us today and
 because they don't have your contact information if you could please

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