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Thu Sep 18 23:26:19 BST 2014

#658: Allow builds with dsiabled documentation
 Reporter:  Kronuz        |             Owner:  olly
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Comment (by olly):

 We explicitly do '''NOT''' support {{{make dist}}} if you disable
 documentation - see xapian-core/docs/Makefile.am:

 # Note: we don't want dist tarballs built with docs missing, so for
 # this Makefile.am blindly assumes the tools are in place when "make dist"
 # being run.  For "make all", "make check", etc we carefully skip any docs
 # which we don't have the tools to generate.

 Most other operations (including {{{make install}}}) should work though -
 it sounds like a problem with the recent changes to use sphinx to build
 the python docs.

 Can you attach a build log?

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