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Thu Apr 16 06:43:54 BST 2015

#663: Make ValueRangeProcessor return a Query object
 Reporter:  olly         |             Owner:  olly
     Type:  enhancement  |            Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |         Milestone:  1.3.4
Component:  QueryParser  |           Version:  SVN trunk
 Severity:  normal       |        Resolution:
 Keywords:               |        Blocked By:
 Blocking:               |  Operating System:  All
Changes (by olly):

 * blocking:  193 =>


 This would address #193 too.

 One issue I noticed: `QueryParser` wants to know which slot the range is
 for, so it knows about combining ranges on the same slot with `OP_OR` and
 then combine these groups with `OP_AND`.  That isn't unsurmountable, but
 would probably need us to return both a `Query` object and some sort of
 string or number "key" to identify the type of range.  Or perhaps this is
 an overly fussy little detail, which most people wouldn't expect us to
 worry about.  `FieldProcessor` just returns a `Query` object after all.

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