[Xapian-tickets] [Xapian] #693: configure file of omega could not generate Makefile

Xapian nobody at xapian.org
Thu Nov 12 03:39:44 GMT 2015

#693: configure file of omega could not generate Makefile
        Reporter:  lhz7370  |      Owner:  olly
            Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
        Priority:  high     |  Milestone:  1.2.x
       Component:  Omega    |    Version:  1.2.21
        Severity:  major    |   Keywords:  Makefile could not generated
      Blocked By:           |   Blocking:
Operating System:  Linux    |
 When I run ./configure --prefix=/xapian-path XAPIAN_CONFIG=/xapian-
 path/bin/xapian-config  under xapian-omega-1.2.21 dir, there is no error
 message output, but Makefile could not be generated

 part of output at last:
 checking for mkdtemp... yes
 checking for mmap... yes
 checking for fork... yes
 checking for setrlimit... yes
 checking for sysmp... no
 checking for pstat_getdynamic... no
 checking for library containing socketpair... none required
 checking for working ISO C90 conforming snprintf... snprintf
 checking for library containing iconv... none required
 checking for type of input pointer for iconv... char*
 checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... no
 checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
 checking for pkg-config... /usr/bin/pkg-config

 After this message output, no Makefile generated.

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