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#621: Migrate to git
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Comment (by james):

 At least at this point I agree we don't need to think about things like
 gitolite. Simon's restricted git shell probably isn't appropriate for us,
 as it maps closely onto how they merge things, and just using the normal
 restricted git-shell for the git write account (which we now do) should be

 We're using a xapian-specific install of trac, in the same way as the
 previous machine, so we can carry a local patch if we feel it's valuable.
 However (via [https://blog.cuviper.com/2013/11/10/how-short-can-git-
 abbreviate/ an article linked in the trac ticket]) I note that 7 character
 is no longer unique across the whole of Xapian:

 $ git rev-list --all --abbrev=0 --abbrev-commit |
 >   awk '{ a[length] += 1 } END { for (len in a) print len, a[len] }'
 4 1894
 5 16105
 6 2708
 7 193
 8 8

 So we may be better off advising people to set `core.abbrev` in git clone
 to 8. We could have bootstrap warn if it's in a git clone with the default
 (`git config core.abbrev` will return the empty string). I'm unaware of
 any way of "pushing" configuration on clone.

 I'm not convinced from the trac ticket that they'll get to it any time
 soon unless someone chips in.

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