[Xapian-tickets] [Xapian] #750: TermGenerator do not stop stemmed term.

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Mon Aug 7 10:34:05 BST 2017

#750: TermGenerator do not stop stemmed term.
 Reporter:  mgautier     |             Owner:  samuelharden
     Type:  defect       |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |         Milestone:  1.4.5
Component:  QueryParser  |           Version:  git master
 Severity:  normal       |        Resolution:
 Keywords:               |        Blocked By:
 Blocking:               |  Operating System:  All

Comment (by mgautier):

 Thanks for you explanation olly.

 But, I'm not sure how to resolve my issue.
 For now, we are using `STEM_ALL` strategy for queryParser and
 termGenerator. and `STOP_ALL` for termGenerator (it seems that queryParser
 have to configurable stop strategy).

 We used STEM_ALL because we what all words to be stemmed. But we want to
 have "Lea" indexed. "Lea" not being a stopword, it should be indexed what
 ever the stop strategy is.

 I'm not sure of the use of the 'Z' prefix, but is seems that we should use
 `STEM_ALL_Z` strategy (for both queryParser and termGenerator). This way,
 "le" (query) would not match with "le" (stemmed term). Am I right ?

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