[Xapian-tickets] [Xapian] #751: Add `-lrt` to pkg-config if necessary.

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Mon Oct 2 13:12:52 BST 2017

#751: Add `-lrt` to pkg-config if necessary.
 Reporter:  mgautier      |             Owner:  olly
     Type:  defect        |            Status:  new
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Component:  Build system  |           Version:  git master
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Comment (by mgautier):

 Sorry, I forget you and this issue ...

 I've just test what you've suggested and it seems to work perfectly. I had
 to change a bit my build system, but it is not your problem :)

 For you information, we are building a library using xapian and different
 platform (native and cross-compilation (win32, armhf, android, ...)) with
 native and dynamic linking.
 The host platform is linux (fedora and ubuntu).
 I didn't know about DT_NEEDED but it seems that linux has it.
 The problem (undefined symbol) appears when doing static linking.

 Anyway, adding `Libs.private: @XAPIAN_LIBS@` fixes my problem and it is a
 far better solution than my patch.
 It would be nice to have it in the next xapian release.


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