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#763: Track unique term bounds for documents in the collection
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Comment (by olly):

 Can you show a patch of the changes you're talking about in comment:7?

 Replying to [comment:8 gp1308]:
 > Also Instead of using `current_wdf` of each term, `termlist_size` can be
 used to update bounds for the number of unique terms?

 The correct count of unique terms ought to exclude those for which `wdf ==
 0`, so to get that we'd need to actually look at `current_wdf` -
 `termlist_size` will often be more than the correct value.

 However, currently for efficiency we approximate like this:

 GlassTermList::get_unique_terms() const
     LOGCALL(DB, Xapian::termcount, "GlassTermList::get_unique_terms",
     // get_unique_terms() really ought to only count terms with wdf > 0,
     // that's expensive to calculate on demand, so for now let's just
     // unique_terms <= doclen.
     RETURN(min(termlist_size, doclen));

 So the bound here needs to based on the same thing, so it's actually a
 bound on the value that can return.

 At some point it's likely we'll start storing the number of unique terms
 in a similar way to how we store the document length.  That's probably not
 going to happen for glass now though, as it would be hard to start doing
 so compatibly.

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