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#768: Compilation issue with with --std=gnu++17
        Reporter:  stac47  |      Owner:  olly
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       Component:  Other   |    Version:  1.4.5
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Operating System:  All     |
 I am trying to compile xapian with gcc (GCC) 8.2.1 with the flag
 --std=gnu++17. I get the following error resulting from the fact C++17
 introduced the type std::byte:

 ./backends/chert/chert_table.h:848:2: error: reference to ‘byte’ is
   byte * split_p;

 note: candidates are: ‘enum class std::byte’
    enum class byte : unsigned char;

 ./common/internaltypes.h:32:17: note:                 ‘typedef uint8_t
  typedef uint8_t byte;

 Of course this error is only en excerpt from a hundred occurrences.

 Thanks in advance for your help.

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