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Fri Jul 8 03:47:12 BST 2022

#818: Build issue with 1.14.4 under python 3.12
 Reporter:  rouilj                    |             Owner:  Richard Boulton
     Type:  defect                    |            Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal                    |         Milestone:
Component:  Xapian-bindings (Python)  |           Version:  1.4.14
 Severity:  normal                    |        Resolution:  invalid
 Keywords:                            |        Blocked By:
 Blocking:                            |  Operating System:  Linux
Comment (by Olly Betts):

 You should be able to tell from the errors if you have the bug fix - from
 the report above:

 /opt/python/3.12-dev/include/python3.12/objimpl.h:134:46: error: expected
 ‘)’ before ‘_PyObject_New’
   134 | #define PyObject_New(type, typeobj) ((type
       |                                     ~        ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
 /opt/python/3.12-dev/include/python3.12/objimpl.h:138:37: note: in
 expansion of macro ‘PyObject_New’
   138 | #define PyObject_NEW(type, typeobj) PyObject_New((type),
       |                                     ^~~~~~~~~~~~

 The problem here is the `(` and `)` around `type` on line 138 - expanding
 the two macros shown here on the `PyObject_NEW` invocation shown from the
 Xapian code: `PyObject_NEW(SwigPyObject, SwigPyObject_type())` ->
 `PyObject_New((SwigPyObject), (SwigPyObject_type()))` -> `(((SwigPyObject)
 *)_PyObject_New((SwigPyObject_type())))` and that fails to compile because
 the `((SwigPyObject) *)` cast is invalid C++ - it should be `(SwigPyObject

 If you still see `(type)` there in the error output you don't have the

 But anyway, yes - let's leave worry about Python 3.12 compatibility until
 it's nearer release.
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