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#774: libxapian_jni.jnilib installed to preposterous location
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Component:  Xapian-bindings (Java)  |           Version:  1.4.9
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Comment (by Olly Betts):

 > > I can certainly try putting the jnilib file there. Is that also the
 correct place to put the jar file or does that go somewhere else? I'll see
 if I can get your examples to work with that.

 > I'm not sure about the .jar.

 I found the answer to this part at least - both the .jar and JNI library
 should go there:

     Java can be extended by adding custom.jar, .zip, and .class files, as
 well as native JNI libraries, into an extensions directory. On some
 platforms this is designated by the java.ext.dir system property. In OS X,
 put your extensions in `/Library/Java/Extensions/`.


 (I've mentioned this in our documentation in

 The note there about `java.ext.dir` also sounds promising, but this
 property seems to just be `null` for me on Linux (checked using the
 `tmptest.java` program above with the obvious extra line added).  Search
 for that online suggests there's a `java.ext.dirs` property but that's
 also `null` for me.

 Sadly I still haven't found a way to actually determine automatically
 where to install these files to, but hopefully the above helps with your
 packaging if you didn't already resolve this.
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