[Xapian-devel] Available backends in xapian.h

franz.g at tin.it franz.g at tin.it
Fri Apr 29 09:56:25 BST 2005

Hi Olly,

>But no need to worry about working on this - I checked in changes to do
>this last night!  I've put the defines into version.h rather than generate
>yet more files.

...I didn't know you were working so hard on this problem, that's why I
made my move. Anyway, I prefer to try to contribute than just *ask* for
some feature. Last night I checked out the svn version and noticed the changes...
in fact your solution is obviously more coherent (and elegant). I will try
now to build both xapian-core and as many bindings as I can on Win32 with
MinGW, then I'll report in with the results ASAP.

Thank you for deciding to support my requests, and I hope this will also
help other developers. You're doing a great work.

Til soon, I hope.


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