[Xapian-devel] Win32/MSVC compilation for 0.9.8

Charlie Hull charlie at juggler.net
Mon Nov 6 14:01:59 GMT 2006


I'm working on updating the MSVC build files for 0.9.8 (I've been 
assuming that it's not worth doing this for 0.9.7).

One small problem; we can't build the remote backend in this environment 
  because the network code is waay too Unixy. Thus I'm getting a problem 
building some of the tests; specifically  test_serialisedoc1() and 
test_serialiselength1() in internaltest.cc.

Am I right in thinking that this code should be wrapped in
#ifdef XAPIAN_HAS_REMOTE_BACKEND anyway? If so it will mean we'll have 
to have a patch or something for people who want to use the MSVC tools.



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