[Xapian-devel] xapian-config --libs output on Suse 10.1

Jean-Francois Dockes jean-francois.dockes at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 2 15:06:40 BST 2006

James Aylett writes:
 > On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 02:32:13PM +0200, Jean-Francois Dockes wrote:
 > [snip]
 > > This causes a problem when trying to perform a static link with xapian,
 > > because there does not seem to exist a libgcc_s.a 
 > Hmm. It's coming out a lot, which suggests that pretty much every time
 > we try to detect stuff in configure (which I think is effectively
 > where this list of options is figured out - it ends up in a
 > libtool-generated file based on compile options) it thinks -lgcc_s is
 > important.
 > You need it on Solaris for various reasons, but that's only (I think)
 > because GCC isn't the standard compiler - I'd have thought it was on Suse.

Of course, gcc is the standard compiler on Suse Linux.

On Solaris, xapian-config --libs just prints "-L/usr/local/lib -lxapian". 
Can you mix g++ and Sun CC c++ objects anyway ? If you are linking
with g++, I think it can figure out about libgcc_s

 > Do you have the config.log file from xapian-core? Actually, your
 > libxapian.la might be more helpful - it'll be in /usr/lib judging by
 > the above output.

I am attaching libxapian.la, and libstdc++.la because the flags seem to be
coming from there.

 > xapian-config --libs outputs the complete set of flags to pass through
 > to your linker when building an application that uses Xapian. So it
 > links in the Xapian library, and any other additional libraries that
 > are needed to get it to work. It looks like the detection of this is
 > wrong on Suse, or at least on your install of it :-(

The "problem" shows up both with the xapian rpms on OpenSuse and with a
locally built installation, so it's not local.

Maybe there is a need for different options for static and dynamic links  ?

J.F. Dockes

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