[Xapian-devel] xapian-config --libs output on Suse 10.1

Jean-Francois Dockes jean-francois.dockes at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 2 15:35:00 BST 2006

Olly Betts writes:
 > [snip]
 > But as to your actual problem, if you're wanting to force a static link
 > with xapian, it would probably be better to provide an option to
 > xapian-config.  I doubt you really want to statically link libc, etc
 > anyway.

Sure, I don't want a static libc.

I am currently having the following as part of the link command when I want
a static libxapian:

  -Wl,-Bstatic `xapian-config --libs` -Wl,-Bdynamic

It usually works well as far as xapian-config --libs does not import
things I don't want. 

I am quite aware that this may not be the normal usage for the current
--libs, maybe there is a need for something like --static-libs, but don't
bother, I'll find a workaround, I was just surprised by the different
behaviour on Suse.

J.F. Dockes

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