[Xapian-devel] Re: [Xapian-discuss] Fixing issue with PHP5/Windows

Daniel Ménard Daniel.Menard at bdsp.tm.fr
Wed Apr 4 16:07:49 BST 2007

Olly Betts a écrit :
> OK, tarball updated:
> http://oligarchy.co.uk/xapian/

For now, I just ran the smoketest files, using the dotest target of the 
php bindings makefile (I commented out the line exit(1) in the test 
about join(get_matching_terms()) as we know it does not pass for now).

I tested with php-5.2.1-latest, php-5.2.1-Win32, php-5.2.0-Win32, 
php-5.1.4-Win32, php-5.1.2-Win32 and it works, it works,... it works!
I will do some tests with an apache box in cgi and sapi mode, but 
probably not before tomorrow. Perhaps I will also try with php under IIS 
if I find time.

Today is really a good one for me!
Congratulations to all of you who are doing such a good work.

Best regards,


Daniel Ménard

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