[Xapian-devel] Add an example to the community page and contribute more code

aarsh shah aarshkshah1992 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 18:47:07 GMT 2013

Hi guys.I've finished an example indexer which acts like a grep replacement
for a file.It indexes each line containing a proper noun  in a given text
file.The line containing the proper noun will be displayed upon searching
for that noun.I would like to add it to the community code examples.I'm
planning to write more examples which demonstrate some advanced features of
Xapian along similar lines soon. Can anyone please help me on how to add my
examples to the community ?

I now want to develop a Paice/Husk stemmer for Xapian.The stemmer itself is
not that hard to implement and I already read the page mentioned in the
resources for the stemming project.But Ive yet to fiddle with the code base
and so don't know how to add the stemmer to the codebase.Il be extremely
grateful if you could guide me here

Moreover,I wold also love to write a patch for multiple spelling
suggestions as Xapian only suggests one right now.Any help/suggestions ?

My basic problem is that given any feature I want to fiddle
with/improve/change,I don't know which part of the code base to access
.Thank you for the awesome docs and the resources.In just two weeks, I
feel like I know a lot more about IR and Xapian than I used to :)

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