[Xapian-devel] About memory index/search in multithread program

Yanxiong Lu yanxionglu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 15:52:13 BST 2014

Why xapian don't support memory  index/search ?

I know there is a method can create memory datebase, like this:
Xapian::WritableDatabase db(Xapian::InMemory::open());

*But, if i use these in multithread program,  i need create many
Xapian::WritableDatabase db1(Xapian::InMemory::open());  //used in thread1
Xapian::WritableDatabase db2(Xapian::InMemory::open());  //used in thread2

because WritableDatabase object isn't thread-safe. And use lock is slowly.

*So, is there some solutions that One database, many thread can use??*
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