[Xapian-devel] GSoC Project: Learning to Rank

Osho Gupta B.Tech., ECE, IIT-BHU, Varanasi (INDIA) osho.gupta.ece11 at iitbhu.ac.in
Mon Mar 10 18:45:40 GMT 2014


I am an Undergraduate student of *Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras
Hindu University, Varanasi. "IIT-V"*. I am pursuing my B.Tech. in
Electronics Engineering, currently in the 3rd year.

I have a keen interest in the field of *Machine Learning, Data Mining,
Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval*. Also I have worked
a lot upon fields like *NLP, Speech Synthesis-Recognition and Processing,
Image and Video Processing, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.* What I
found after working in all these is ML is common to all and suits my

I have done online courses on Machine Learning (by Andrew NG), and
Introduction to NLP (by Dan Jurafsky and Christopher Manning). I have done
various projects on Machine Learning including implementation of *Neural
Networks, SVM, CRF, PCA, etc* and have deep knowledge in these fields.
Currently, I am engaged in a research Project over *NLP (Temporal analysis
of Tweets)*, under guidance of *Dr. Judith Gelerenter, Carnegie Mellon
University*, since October 2013 which is soon going to complete and our
work will be made *open source* after its completion this project involved
use of machine learning methods like *SVM and CRF for NLP.*
Last summer I did an internship in Korea on *Speech Processing* which
involved *neural networks for Speech recognition*. Also, I am learning *Deep
Learning* for my interest. I am efficient coder in *C, C++, Python and

I am a self-motivated student and I am very interested in contributing more
and more in field of ML and IR. Now, I want to do some open source
contributions and GSOC is the best platform to do so. I would like to
sincerely contribute to Ranking section of Xapian

I saw the Ideas list of Xapian and these two projects under
*Ranking*category caught my eye. I am particularly interested in
Learning to Rank.*

Machine learning is core field of my interest and I am good at it.
This seems to be a great project to get hands on experience in ML and IR,
with contributing to open source. By my past experiences I am trained to
work alone under mentorship, and I will give my 100% sincere efforts in
completing whichever task I am given up.

Please help me on how should I proceed for GSoC.
*-Osho Gupta*
* 3rd Year, B.Tech. **,*
* Department of Electronics Engineering,*
* Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University,*
* Varanasi, India*

* Contact no.: +918604221858*
* Email ID: **osho.gupta.ece11 at iitbhu.ac.in <osho.gupta.ece11 at iitbhu.ac.in>*
                 *osh1234 at ieee.org <osh1234 at ieee.org>*
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