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James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Tue Oct 21 23:09:53 BST 2014

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On 21 Oct 2014, at 19:19, karthik iyer <karthikiyer2000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Can someone help me with the INEX dataset. I am not able find it anywhere. I created an account on the INEX website but still not able to get the dataset.
> I have a MAP code ready with me. I am not too sure whether it is working fine or not because of the lack of INEX dataset.
>> It's worth pointing out that we have as-yet-unmerged code from Summer of Code implementing MAP, NDGC and a bunch of other stuff — we're really hoping to get the letor code sorted out over the next few months with this starting to be merged in. So at some point in the future, hopefully there will be "pluggable" evaluation options which maybe you can use.
> Btw what do you exactly mean by sorting out and bringing the letor module together? Is it like having a single header file for letor and using its features through straightforward function calls?

The letor module on trunk lacks a lot of the work that has been done since then, but we have to do some work to be able to merge it in. It will result in more features, and hopefully an easier API to work with by the end of it, but unfortunately I can't give a concrete timescale to get things done by.


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