KMeans - Evaluation Results

James Aylett james-xapian at
Thu Aug 18 09:11:22 BST 2016

On 17 Aug 2016, at 20:07, Ayush Tomar <ayushtomar at> wrote:

> > Say I start with the Clusterer class, I create a ClustererImpl class which
> > is the internal class that Clusterer points to. But since Clusterer is
> > abstract, and KMeans inherits from Clusterer, how do I maintain the
> > inheritance and do the same for KMeans?
> I think the following links could serve as a reference:

Richhiey — based on Olly's comments on IRC, I think you should focus on getting something merged before looking further at cleaning up the public API. For instance, your PR is failing travis at the moment, which you should be able to fix.


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