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I am Ainish Dave from Ahmedabad, India. I am currently pursuing my masters
level degree with background in computer science. I browsed through the
list of organizations on the GSoC program page and Xapian was the one which
closely matched with my interest and background. I had some queries:

1) I am interested in the project 'Clustering of Search Results'. I have
followed the guideline and built the system from Git and now currently
exploring the code for this particular module. I have a fair idea of c++
and can manage to work with that. I also have prior experience with
clustering, 'topical clustering of tweets using Twitter data' to be
precise. So, what other material shall I refer to get hands on this
topic/project to move ahead?

2) Since the application period is started, am I a bit late to join the
procedure or is it okay to start off now?

3) I am waiting for my proof of enrollment to come by Monday and then I can
apply. So is it fine to apply in next week? Primary reason for asking this
is that some organizations have strict norms of not considering the
applications arriving in second week.

Kindly revert. Thanking you in advance.

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