clustering technique using lsi

MURTUZA BOHRA murtuzabohra88 at
Tue Mar 22 08:38:23 GMT 2016

I am still trying to find some faster clustering technique for search
result. One technique which strike to me is, using the Latent Semantic
Indexing for Clustering the search result can give better results. In which
we don't even need to iterate over different values of 'k'(in K-means
algorithm) to cluster documents rather we can cluster whole search result
in one go.

How Latent semantic indexing would help?

In LSI we project query (considering as a pseudo document) on to the
term-document vector space and based on some threshold we find the relevant
documents. Very similarly if we use LSI for clustering, and instead of
query if we take one of our search result and set different thresholds and
based on each threshold we can cluster the search result at single shot.

I am not sure this technique would be 100% helpful, that's why I need to
first test this
algorithm, please help me to figure this out.

Murtuza Bohra
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