GSoC: Final submissions on the horizon

James Aylett james-xapian at
Sun Aug 6 15:53:01 BST 2017

Hi, everyone. We're coming to the end of GSoC 2017, which means final submissions are due fairly soon. Everyone involved in the programme should have had an email from Google on what's required, but they provide some flexibility, so briefly this is what we expect for Xapian.

Each student has to submit a single URL which encompasses the work done during the summer. For Xapian, this should be a work report, as a page on the Trac wiki under your project wiki space, with the following sections:

 * a brief summary of what you achieved in the project
 * a list of work that has been merged, including which commits you wrote (you can use a github URL in the format: for Xapian work that's been merged to master, for instance)
 * a list of work that remains to be merged (link to github pull requests, if PRs exist, or to a branch in your repository — you must note the last commit that was done as part of GSoC in all cases)
 * if you have other work (eg evaluation of performance) then make a section for it and write it up including how you approached it, what datasets you used, any additional code required, results and your analysis of those

You can also include a section on possible future work, if you wish. (This is not part of the GSoC requirement, but it's a good place to jot down and thoughts or features you didn't get to across the summer. In the past some of these have been used as a basis for future GSoC projects.)

The period for submitting your work reports to Google is August 21st–29th. We recommend that you think about what you want to put in there ahead of that time, and then get something up at the start of that period to discuss with us, so you have time to update based on feedback before August 29th.

You can see work reports from last year on the wiki ( (Ama's report for R bindings looks very different because all the work was in new repositories. No one this year is in a similar situation.)


 James Aylett, occasional troublemaker & project governance

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