Logging the click data

Vivek Pal vivekpal.dtu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 00:17:38 BST 2017

Hi James,

I've completed the first step of logging the click data i.e. logging
separate entries for each executed search from the query template.
More on that progress here [1].

Now for the next step, i.e. logging the query IDs and click URL on each
click event, as planned, I created a new template which has another log
command [2]. To redirect to the clicklog template, we could add an onClick
event inside the <a> tag in line 109 in the query template [3] which calls
an external javascript function something like this one [4] to redirect to
the clicklog template. But, I can't see how we would pass $query and the
clicked doc $id to the template using that function. We want to be able
to do that in order to log them using the clicklog template. How do you
suggest I go about doing this?


[2] https://gist.github.com/ivmarkp/374fc8781d3789b0522713a79416edc8
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