GSoc 2017 Introduction(Weighting Schemes)

prachi prakash prachiprakash80 at
Sun Mar 5 15:11:46 GMT 2017

Hello Everyone,

I am a second year graduate student at IIIT-Bangalore and my interest is in
the field of Information Retrieval. I have successfully compiled Xapian
from source  and have implemented some examples. While going through the
project list Weighting Schemes project is the one I was looking to
contribute to. So i went through the xapian-core/weight where most of the
schemes are already present and I also went through the Bigram-model which
was outside the tree and not merged yet.

So can Anyone of please give a pointer to which weighting schemes are not
implemented yet so that I can start looking at it.

Prachi Prakash
Final year Graduate Student
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