xapian bug tracker registration email is not working

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Fri Mar 31 23:05:44 BST 2017

Hi Ian,

Can you fix you "From:" header - currently it has a double name and an
extra set of <>, which messes up replying and probably other things that
need to parse mail headers:

| From: Ian Kelling <Ian Kelling <ian at iankelling.org>>

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 01:13:14PM -0700, Ian Kelling wrote:
> I tried to register yesterday, twice with 2 email addresses. The website
> said it sent me mail, I never got a mail. Someone else, please confirm
> this is broken.

There's a bug in the trac account manager plugin which results in those
emails not getting sent correctly sometimes.  James tracked it down
but I'm afraid I've not had a chance to install a workaround yet.

I'll send you the token directly shortly.

> A bug I'd like to file is that I'd like an option to search
> *word. Currently you can only search word*. The example where I would
> find this useful is searching for urls and email addresses. For example,
> I want to find emals from *xapian.org, can't do it now. I want to find
> urls including *xapian.org*, can't do it.

That's as documented, so not a bug as such:

| Support wildcards.
| At present only right truncation (e.g. Xap*) is supported.


I have a work in progress branch to extend wildcard support, which
supports your case amongst others:


But for URLs and email addresses, I'd recommend indexing them split at
the punctuation, which is how TermGenerator/QueryParser handle them.

> Another small infrastructure bug is that
> https://lists.xapian.org/mailman/listinfo/xapian-devel says you can
> simply send an email to the list without subscribing, but it seems no
> one is paying attention to the moderation queue, so those messages just
> in moderation forever. This is a common problem among projects, but you
> can easily change the mailman page to say "You must subscribe to the
> list to send messages."

The moderators are sent a list each day of held messages, and yours wasn't
in yesterday's so it's been on hold less than a day as far as I can tell.

The queue is processed most days, so the text on the website seems
accurate to me:


| Posts from non-subscribers currently require approval (we'd rather not
| have to impose this restriction, but we also want to avoid relaying spam
| to our subscribers). So if you aren't subscribed, there's likely to be a
| delay before your message is approved and relayed to the list. Please be
| patient and don't resend a message just because it doesn't appear right
| away. 

I've added that paragraph to the mailman templates in case people somehow
end up there without going via the website.


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