GSoC 2017 - Introduction

Richhiey Thomas richhiey.thomas at
Fri May 5 21:58:24 BST 2017


I am Richhiey Thomas and I will be participating in Google Summer of Code
2017 with Xapian. I would like to thank the mentors for giving me this
opportunity. I will be working on Clustering of Search Results project over
the summer.

Owing to exams, I will be able to make slower progress in this month and
will try to stick to the revised timeline that was decided during the GSoC
IRC interview. I will be updating the journal with the timeline for the
next few weeks. For this month, the main focus will be to have the current
KMeans PR merged, along with implementing the triangle inequality and
dimension reduction to speed it up.

Congratulations to everyone and looking forward to a great summer!

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