Need support to build xapian on Windows with Microsoft compiler

Kalantaryan, Davit davit.kalantaryan at
Mon Apr 30 05:59:09 BST 2018


Thank you very much for quick response.
I need only xapian-core.
As I wrote on my case compilation with Visual Studio 2015 successful, 
just I have runtime errors, while the same code on LINUX runs fine.
I'll try the hints from 
and maybe to migrate my project to VS2017 and test it again.
If I understand correctly starting from 1.4.6 you will have officiant 
MSVC support? What is a approximate date for this release?

Thank you again.

On 30.04.2018 03:16, Olly Betts wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 06:31:33PM +0200, Kalantaryan, Davit wrote:
>>   2. And if I remember correctly the xapian documentation,
>>      xapian has also C# bindings.
> Microsoft's toolchain isn't required for C# - there's also:
>> I need the xapian library for Windows Microsoft compiler. I created visual
>> studio 2015 project and included almost all source files from the
>> xapian-core repository.
> I wouldn't recommend doing that - the build system needs to do more than
> just compile all the source files and link them together.
>> Could you please provide me Visual studio project file
>> with proper options, or cmake file, or the list of necessary source files
>> (to be included to the library compilation project) with necessary
>> compilation and linkage options.
> We don't support building with such a project file, nor with cmake.
> It's not feasible to list all the tool options needed - that's the build
> system's job, and it's much simpler and less error prone to just use the
> existing build system to build the code rather than trying to create
> your own build system from scratch.
> There's support in git master and the tip of the RELEASE/1.4 branch for
> building xapian-core with MSVC.  This support will be in 1.4.6 once that
> is released.  You can use snapshots from here until then:
> For instructions, see:
> Currently only xapian-core is known to work.  It would be great to
> extend that to omega and the bindings, and to add those to the existing
> CI (see .appveyor.yml at the top of the tree), but that really needs
> help from developers interested in support for this platform.
>> Also precompiled binaries with corresponding headers are acceptable.
> We don't currently provide pre-compiled binaries.
> Cheers,
>      Olly

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