Need support to build xapian on Windows with Microsoft compiler

Olly Betts olly at
Mon Apr 30 02:16:42 BST 2018

On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 06:31:33PM +0200, Kalantaryan, Davit wrote:
>  2. And if I remember correctly the xapian documentation,
>     xapian has also C# bindings.

Microsoft's toolchain isn't required for C# - there's also:

> I need the xapian library for Windows Microsoft compiler. I created visual
> studio 2015 project and included almost all source files from the
> xapian-core repository.

I wouldn't recommend doing that - the build system needs to do more than
just compile all the source files and link them together.

> Could you please provide me Visual studio project file
> with proper options, or cmake file, or the list of necessary source files
> (to be included to the library compilation project) with necessary
> compilation and linkage options.

We don't support building with such a project file, nor with cmake.

It's not feasible to list all the tool options needed - that's the build
system's job, and it's much simpler and less error prone to just use the
existing build system to build the code rather than trying to create
your own build system from scratch.

There's support in git master and the tip of the RELEASE/1.4 branch for
building xapian-core with MSVC.  This support will be in 1.4.6 once that
is released.  You can use snapshots from here until then:

For instructions, see:

Currently only xapian-core is known to work.  It would be great to
extend that to omega and the bindings, and to add those to the existing
CI (see .appveyor.yml at the top of the tree), but that really needs
help from developers interested in support for this platform.

> Also precompiled binaries with corresponding headers are acceptable.

We don't currently provide pre-compiled binaries.


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