Aspiring Applicant for GSoC 2019

Olly Betts olly at
Thu Feb 28 02:04:34 GMT 2019


Sorry we missed your question on IRC.  It's fine to ask questions on
IRC, but you need to be prepared to stay connected a bit longer.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 02:15:07AM +0530, Iti Shree wrote:
> I am Iti Shree, sophomore year student pursuing Information and
> Technology.I was browsing through Xapian GSoC 2019 Ideas Page and found a
> really interesting project - "Matcher Optimisations"
> I have done quite a few projects in C++ and C source. Previous summer I
> worked for apertus Association in GSoC and my project was in C.
> Here is my github profile link:
> I am looking for something new and challenging this summer and this project
> got my attention.However, I would like to know if you guys expect any sub
> project/task to be done before proceeding with the project proposal.

Yes, we really want students to work through the process of making a
change to the code, submitting a patch for it, and working through the
review process.

It can be a first step towards the project (in this case you could look
at addressing a simple case of one of the optimisations for example), or
just some small change unconnected to the project.  There are some links
to suggested smaller projects in our GSoC Guide:


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