[Xapian-discuss] Input files and special chars and spaces

Floris Bos flbos at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 5 18:35:13 BST 2005


Thanks to the people on this mailing list I'm now succesfully using 
Xapian/Omega but I ran in to a problem today. I'm using scriptindex input 
files to put data in the the Xapian db. This works great as long as I don't 
use any special characters. As soon as I try to add a document that includes 
a text with special characters like for example: ' / or \
only the part before the special char is added to the db. I read somewhere 
(can't recall where) that Omega replaces these chars with spaces when using 
regular indexing. Do I also need to do this replacing when using input 
files? I know that this doesn't influence searching but I'd like to have the 
possibility to use at leat the ' char for in the sample field because this 
is a char that often occurs in dutch language.

Is it possible to create a sample text in the Xapian db that includes 
special chars?

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