[Xapian-discuss] how to access position list

durga bidaye doubtfire40008 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 16:32:26 BST 2006


I have created a file search engine. Along with each term indexed, I am
storing the line number of line on which it occurs( as the terms position).
I have done this in PHP.Now i want to access the position of terms of each
document in mset. How can i do it? I dont think Mset class has any function
which directly gives positions of each matching term of each doc in
MSet.Tomake more clear what i want, I will an example. Suppose theres
a doc "
story.txt". This is an extract from the doc

line 99:   Finally the prince rescued her from the clutches of the evil
line 100: And they lived ever after..

query : happily

now "story.txt" will be one of the results coz its index "happily" matched.
Now i want to display the line on which "happily"  appeared in the original
doc. While indexing, along with each term i am also storing the line on
which it appears.( Thus pos(prince)=99, pos(rescued)=99 ,pos(they)=100,
pos(lived)=100 and so on). On seacrching i will obtain the MSet. Now along
with things like docid, rank percentage doc data, I also want to display the
line from original doc, on which this word "happily" appears( Like how we
see the results in google where the line from the html page where the search
term appeared, is displayed). For that I need access to the position list of
term "matching" in doc "story.txt".( say "matchin" appears on lines 12, 45
and 99) How do i obtain that? Plz help.


doubtfire40008 at gmail.com

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