[Xapian-discuss] Another PHP 5 wrapper...

Daniel Ménard Daniel.Menard at Bdsp.tm.fr
Wed Apr 5 16:28:53 BST 2006

Paul Dixon a écrit :

>All good points, I didn't realise the java wrapper had renamed
>methods, so my argument for retaining consistency with the C++ API is
>a moot point :(
>If you've got the time to continue developing your wrapper to
>completion then I see little point in maintaining my effort, 
We are developping a php project which will heavily depends on xapian, 
so maintaining this wrapper won't be an option : we will have, until a 
native php extension is available.

>but I'd be happy to assist if you need help with unit tests etc.
This is very kind!
I would be delighted to co-maintain this wrapper with you, discuss some 
implementation ideas or simply get some help (benchmarking, testing, 
improving doc...)
It would also be good to have the opinion of other xapian and php experts...

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