[Xapian-discuss] omega on debian 0.9.5

Gabriele Francescotto - OpenContent gabriele.francescotto at opencontent.it
Fri Apr 21 08:55:46 BST 2006

I've tested omega (cgi) on several sql databases on my local machine in 
which runs Ubuntu, using the version 0.9.4 (installed using apt), and I was 
really satisfied for the results I obtained. I customized a bit the "query" 

But once I installed omega on the server (using apt for Debian, and omega 
version 0.9.5), I discovered that the relevances didn't work, as you can 

I don't know if the problem is related to the template's customization, nor 
to the indexscript: they are the same I used for the omega 0.9.4 
installation I had on my local machine with Ubuntu. 

that's the indexscript I wrote:
id : field=id boolean=Q unique=Q
title : field=title weight=3 index
content : index truncate=300 field=content
taxonomy : field=taxonomy
url : field=url
pubtime : date=yyyymmdd field=pubtime
type : field=type boolean=XT

any idea? did you ever see similar problems? 

all the best,

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