[Xapian-discuss] Phrase search performance

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 19:27:53 GMT 2006

Is there any way to speed up phrase searches?  What sort of
performance should I expect?  Currently when I search against a 5.3 GB
flint database it takes 4.5 minutes for a simple 2 word phrase.  Is
that reasonable performance?  I've seen some other threads about
xapian phrase performance, but none seem to indicate what reletively
"normal" performance should be and I'm not sure what I should expect. 
I'm using the perl interface to xapian 0.9.2.  I'm building my own
Query objects rather than using QueryParser since we use ':' as part
of our field prefix.  What popped out at me was that my query looks

Xapian::Query((FIELD:term1 PHRASE 2 FIELD:term2))

while QueryParser's looks like:

Xapian::Query((term1(pos=1) PHRASE 2 term2(pos=2)))

where is the position information coming from and how do I add it to
my query?  Will it help or is it irrelevant?  The query object (at
least the perl interface) only allows me to build queries of the form:
(OP, "term", "term"...)
(OP, query, query...)

I can't seem to specify position.



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