[Xapian-discuss] How to configure omega.cgi to searching multiple flint dbs?

oscaruser at programmer.net oscaruser at programmer.net
Fri Jul 14 22:52:36 BST 2006


I have three separate xapian indicies/dbs that I want Omega.cgi to search. Searching only one works OK, but I need to search three different dbs, and hopefully omega will combine the results and return a single feed. In my omega.conf I have :

database_dir /svr/hda1/xapian/beta
template_dir /svr/hda1/xapian/templates
log_dir /var/log/xapian
cdb_dir /var/log/xapian/cdb

I want to specify multiple dbs as in:

database_dir /svr/hda1/xapian/beta
database_dir /svr/hda1/xapian/gamma
database_dir /svr/hda1/xapian/delta

So that when I run

./omega.cgi 'P=pda' FMT='xml' DB="default" HITSPERPAGE=1

It queries the flint dbs beta, gamma, and delta. Since these dbs are large (~20GB) xapian-compact could combine it but take too long. What is the config file setting or omega switch I can use to query all three?


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