[Xapian-discuss] adding postings vs matchdecider on a value

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Mon Jun 5 01:52:48 BST 2006

On Sun, Jun 04, 2006 at 04:02:52PM -0400, jarrod roberson wrote:
> The 2 ideas I have come up with are.
> 1. Using positional posting terms to be able to refine the query.
> Since I am already adding positional postings for the complete logical path,
> I was thinking about adding all the path parts with difference prefixes and
> doing the same thing I am with the logical path.
> 2. Using a MatchDecider and another value().

I don't really follow what you're trying to do, but at least at present
filtering on terms is likely to be faster than a MatchDecider unless
the MatchDecider is doing something that's tricky to implement using
filter terms.  If you're using positional information in the filtering
it'll probably be slower than purely term based filtering.

If you've already implemented it using a MatchDecider, you could try the
other approach and see how they compare for speed and database size.

I'm planning to change how values are stored, and also implement an idea
to reduce the number of documents a MatchDecider will typically need to
consider, which should make using a MatchDecider for this sort of thing
more competitive.

It's common to want to be able to sort and set range limits on the same
quantities (e.g. sort by date, return documents in a date range) so at
least in these cases, it's wasteful to create filtering terms since you
have to store the value anyway.

> What I can't find in any examples or documentation, is what happens when you
> have multiple terms with the same posting postiion? I have tried it, xapian
> lets you do it, but I can find out what, if any side effects there are from
> doing it.

It should work - for example, you might want to store stemmed and
unstemmed forms of a word at the same position.


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