[Xapian-discuss] 1.0.2 Ubuntu? (resend)

Richard Boulton richard at lemurconsulting.com
Thu Jul 26 11:51:03 BST 2007

James Aylett wrote:
> I think Olly's on holiday at the moment (at least, he hasn't logged in
> for a while), so unless someone else can do these you may have to wait
> for a while, sorry :(

The 1.0.2 packages are in debian - I expected them to get automatically 
imported into Ubuntu gutsy, but that doesn't seem to have happened.  If 
anyone understands the Ubuntu policy for importing things into Gutsy, or 
knows who to prod, please speak up...  (I believe the deadline for 
automatically importing new packages has passed, but can't find the 
timetable to check what the current import status is - we probably need 
to find an ubuntu maintainer who can pull them in.)

Alternatively, there _are_ packages on the xapian website for 1.0.2 for 
all distributions.   (Go to http://xapian.org/debian/ - look under 
"pool/1.0.2/")  However, the Packages files which list the current 
versions haven't been updated for 1.0.2 and still point to 1.0.1, so 
apt-get isn't working for this.  I don't know how to update the Packages 
lists, so unless someone can tell me the command to run, that'll have to 
wait for Olly to get back.  Alternatively, you can grab the packages you 
want directly and install them with dpkg.


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