[Xapian-discuss] Xapian and Mediawiki?

Charlie Hull charlie at juggler.net
Tue Jun 5 14:29:02 BST 2007

Richard Boulton wrote:
> John Pye wrote:
>> I wonder if anyone has done any work on integrating Xapian with 
>> Mediawiki?
>> I've been having trouble with the default MySQL-based search index built
>> in to Mediawiki and setting up their recommended Lucene.net solution
>> looks a bit arduous.
>> I see that some Moin-based wikis have adopted Xapian.
> There was a "google summer of code" project last summer which 
> implemented a Xapian based search backend for MoinMoin, which is why 
> that's happening.  I don't know of anyone doing the same for Mediawiki 
> though, unfortunately.
> It'd be lovely if someone were to implement a Xapian based search 
> backend for Mediawiki.  I'm playing with a dump of the wikipedia data 
> for doing some performance tests at present, but that's not quite the 
> same thing...
Yes, this would be great - we've never quite managed to get around to 
doing a Wikipedia search using Xapian.

There's also Jimmy Wales' search-engine-for-the-masses project 
(http://search.wikia.com/wiki/Search_Wikia) - I've suggested Xapian for 
this but they seem more interested in Lucene. Lots of talk, little 
action at the moment, but I believe they have servers.


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