[Xapian-discuss] Windows build files for 1.0

Daniel Ménard Daniel.Menard at bdsp.tm.fr
Mon Jun 11 14:58:51 BST 2007

Charlie Hull a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've finally got round to generating Windows build files for 1.0:
> http://www.lemurconsulting.com/Products/Xapian/Overview.shtml

I just tested compiling the php bindings (sorry for the delay!) and they 
build fine (win xp, php 5.2.2)
Nice job!

I noted that phpinfo() reports "xapian version 0.9.10" (as "delve.exe 
--version" does)
It looks like version.h.win32 would be a good candidate for a small 
update ? ;-)

By the way, perhaps including a version resource to the generated dll 
would be a nice addition ?
It would allow end-users to check the version they use simply by looking 
at the file properties in the windows explorer...
It would even be better if the php version is mentioned somewhere 
(something like "xapian 1.0.0 for php 5.2.x").
Just an idea...

<off topic>
I never know how to end my mails: I only know about "best regards" which 
is a bit "conventional"...
It seems that "cheers" is popular on this list, but I'm not sure about 
the meaning...
Does-it have something to do with the latest "Cambridge beer festival" ? 
! ... ;-)

Anyway, Cheers to everyone !
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Daniel Ménard

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