[Xapian-discuss] Windows build files for 1.0

Daniel Ménard Daniel.Menard at bdsp.tm.fr
Mon Jun 11 15:51:36 BST 2007

Olly Betts a écrit :
> On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 03:58:51PM +0200, Daniel M?nard wrote:
>> I noted that phpinfo() reports "xapian version 0.9.10" (as "delve.exe 
>> --version" does)
> I've just updated that in SVN (and all the other hardcoded references -
> sigh) to 1.0.1, which I'm in the process of releasing.
> There doesn't seem to be a make rule or script to create the zip file
> so you'll have to wait for Charlie to do that.
Ok, no problem,
>> By the way, perhaps including a version resource (...)
> I've no idea how to do that - can you post the command to run?
I'm not good at all with these "make" things, but I will try to propose 
>> It seems that "cheers" is popular on this list, but I'm not sure about 
>> the meaning...
> I guess its origin is as a toast - you might raise your glasses and say
> "cheers".  But at least colloquially, it can also just mean "thankyou".
> I've been ending emails with it for so long I can't really remember why
> (at least since 1994 according to google groups).
Thanks a lot for explaining!
It's quite funny for me to see the main developers saying "thank you" 
for offering such a great project ;-)
Though it should be the opposite!



Daniel Ménard

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