[Xapian-discuss] Re: xapian v0.9.10 vs v1.0.1

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Fri Jun 22 19:16:19 BST 2007

On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 04:27:07PM +0000, - Tong - wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:25:47 +0100, Olly Betts wrote:
> > If this is on SF, I imagine it's a badly configured NFS lockd.  Locking
> > never worked reliably on the compile farm NFS mounted home directories.
> > 
> > If so, I'm not really sure what to do to address this.  Filing a support
> > request with SF might help.
> Since I get the v0.9.10 working, and I don't know what exactly the problem
> is, I'd leave it to somebody who is more suitable. 

I think we need to resolve this.  If we provide 0.9.10 for others to
build indexes with, we need to worry about migrating to 1.0.X in the

I'll have a prod when I get a chance.

> Ah,found it, not because of the gcc, but because of one illegal char:
> xapian-omega-1.0.1$ make
> make  all-am
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/volsunan/try/xapian-omega-1.0.1'
> if g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -I./common -DCONFIGFILE_SYSTEM=\"/usr/local/etc/omega.conf\"  -Wall -W -Wredundant-decls -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual -Wcast-align -Wno-multichar -Wno-long-long -fno-gnu-keywords -Wundef -Wshadow -g -O2 -I/usr/local/include -MT omindex.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/omindex.Tpo" -c -o omindex.o omindex.cc; \
> then mv -f ".deps/omindex.Tpo" ".deps/omindex.Po"; else rm -f ".deps/omindex.Tpo"; exit 1; fi
> omindex.cc:97: error: â in namespace â does not name a type
> omindex.cc: In function â:
> omindex.cc:460: error: â was not declared in this scope
> omindex.cc: In function â:
> omindex.cc:836: error: â was not declared in this scope
> make[1]: *** [omindex.o] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/volsunan/try/xapian-omega-1.0.1'
> make: *** [all] Error 2
> $ sed -n '97p' omindex.cc | hexdump -C
> 00000000  73 74 61 74 69 63 20 58  61 70 69 61 6e 3a 3a 54  |static Xapian::T|
> 00000010  65 72 6d 47 65 6e 65 72  61 74 6f 72 20 69 6e 64  |ermGenerator ind|
> 00000020  65 78 65 72 3b 0a                                 |exer;.|
>                         ^^^^

I don't see any illegal characters here.  The ^^^^ seem to be pointing
to 0a to me, which is just a linefeed character - i.e. the normal Unix
end of line marker.

If I try this I still can't see any bad characters:

head -100 omindex.cc | tail -5 |cat -vet

TermGenerator is a new class.  Are you sure you're building against
xapian-core 1.0.X and not an older installation?

> > Compiling on one Linux distro and running on another is something of a
> > minefield, and often worse for C++.  It might be worth installing
> > "CentOS 4.4" (which is what the CF shell server seems to be running) and
> > using that to build.  If you use virtualisation software (KVM or
> > similar) you can run it on top of your normal distro.
> Just FYI, my research reveals that SF shell runs on CentOS release 4.4,
> but it web server runs on Fedora Core 2.

Hopefully those are mostly compatible, but I don't really know.  If
necessary, we could build the omega binary separately to omindex and
scriptindex, but it seems to work for you.


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