[Xapian-discuss] Opening/closing indexes - upgrading to write index ?

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Thu Mar 1 15:11:03 GMT 2007

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 11:39:10AM +0000, Joss Shaw wrote:
> Just wondering if it's possible to upgrade a read-only index/DB handle
> to a writeable one ?  Or if I need to close the index and open it
> again ?

No, and yes.

> Also if the reverse is true. Can I downgrade a writeable
> index to a read-only one ?  Or is it a matter of just reopening the
> index again ?

WritableDatabase is a subclass of Database, so you can pass a
WritableDatabase object whereever a Database object is expected.
But you can't actually change its class, so it remains a
WritableDatabase inside.

Provided all pending changes have been flushed, there's little
overhead in using a WritableDatabase in this way (if there are
pending changes, some operations require us to merge the pending
changes with the underlying data on the fly).

> I'm doing all this in Perl and trying to call the close() method on
> the index, but nothing happens.

There is no close() method (though there is a plan to add one).
Just assign "undef" and the referencing counting should take care of
closing it:

    $writabledatabase = undef;

> I think the writeable index always seems to leave a lock file around
> because maybe the object isn't properly destructing....

What happens on script exit if there's a live WritableDatabase
is down to Perl - if it calls destructors, the index will be flushed
and closed.  If not, changes since the last (implicit or explicit) call
to flush() will be lost (and for a Quartz database the lock file won't
get cleaned up).


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