[Xapian-discuss] Search performance issues and profiling/debugging

Chris Good chris at g2.nu
Wed Oct 24 17:31:42 BST 2007

Ron Kass wrote:
> I understand why it would be something to look into first, but what 
> makes you think that Xen in the mix can explain the variation in 
> estimates

We don't think it explains the variation, it sounds very much as though
there are two problems, one of performance and one of the estimates
and chances are the root cause of them is not the same thing.

> Chris:
> We will try to test it without Xen as well later on. Keep in mind that 
> to do so we will have to move aside 10 databases of 50GB, reinstall the 
> machine and remove the database into place.

Perhaps I've misunderstood your things...  You said that your OS and
databases are on dedicated drives.  If so then all you need to do is add
an entry in grub.conf on your dom0 root FS that tells it to boot a non-xen
kernel and that the root-FS is the domU drive.

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