[Xapian-discuss] debs for perl libs

Amias Channer amias at amias.org.uk
Tue Jul 15 16:43:54 BST 2008

Hello Xapianistas,

I'm having trouble installing the libs for Xapian on a debian etch box ,
there seem to be packages for libxapian-perl for other versions of debian
and for ubuntu but not for etch.

i tried building my own using the source from the sid archive but there seems
to be a version jump in the backend libs that stops this working.

Our build/deployment policy specifies the use of debs and so i really need
a deb to use xapian , has anyone made one that they could share or could
anyone offer advice on how to overcome the differences ?

I am happy to help with deb building in future although i might need a bit
of assistance to get started .


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